Are The Victim Of A Medical Error?

When we seek medical attention, we trust doctors, nurses and other medical providers with the health and well-being of ourselves and our families. When we take medications, go to the emergency room or become anesthetized before surgery, we are putting our lives in their hands. Most of the time, everything goes smoothly, but what happens when medical errors happen? If a medical mistake led to health complications or death, you and your family could be entitled to compensation.

Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., has been assisting injury victims throughout Ohio for over 50 years. We have handled complex accident and injury cases in which people were seriously harmed due to someone's negligence. Facing the future after an injury can be difficult, but our experienced attorneys will be by your side, fighting to protect your rights.

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Injured by substandard health care? You could be entitled to compensation.

There is no excuse for medical negligence. If you or a family member was injured by substandard health care, you could be entitled to compensation to help you get your life back on track. This can be important because the consequences of a medical mistake can be so devastating.  For a child, a preventable birth injury could mean a lifetime of special needs. A family member could be permanently prevented from working because of a surgical error that causes a spinal injury.

Elk & Elk helps families recover compensation for all types of medical mistakes and the injuries that result from them, including:

Recovering compensation for serious medical malpractice cases like these requires the skill and detailed attention of experienced lawyers. At Elk & Elk, we have experience with thousands of injury cases for people in Toledo and throughout the state. We work with a team of nurses, other medical professionals, investigators, accountants and other experts who can help us show what happened and who is responsible.

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