Aviation Accidents

According to PBS public media enterprise, only one in 1 million people are involved in plane crashes. Although this metric may seem small, when you compare how many people board airplanes every year in the U.S. with the number of annual deaths from plane crashes, your risk may actually be greater than you think. If you are injured in an aviation accident, you need to protect your rights — you need a Toledo aviation accident lawyer at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd.

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About 542 million passengers boarded planes in 2010, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. When you consider that there were 1,384 aviation accidents in the U.S. in 2010 that resulted in 453 fatalities, as reported by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, your risk may not be as small as you think.

Hundreds of thousands of people board planes every day with the expectation that they will arrive at their destinations safely. But unfortunately, aviation accidents are more common than most people think. If you or a loved one is in an aviation accident, you need representation from an experienced Toledo aviation attorney at Elk & Elk. Call 419-408-9431 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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Aviation involves a complicated set of rules and regulations. To properly resolve an aviation accident cl;aim, you should consider hiring an experienced attorney who understands the specific laws involved as well as how to properly investigate and prepare these cases. At Elk & Elk, our Toledo aviation accident lawyers understand air travel regulation. Working with an entire team, we are dedicated to helping families obtain maximum compensation after an aviation accident.

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Our law firm has the resources required for these cases complex cases. You will benefit from a team that includes aviation accident attorneys, health care providers, accountants, economists, accident reconstructionists and other attorneys. We all work together to determine what happened and who should be held accountable.

At Elk & Elk, our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome so that you and your family can put the pieces back together after an aviation accident. If you have a potential case, call 1-800-ELK-OHIO  or complete our free, no-obligation online contact form. When you call, be sure to ask about out our no fee promise.

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